Song of love is fresh new heavy metal for your hungry ears Yes you are tired because you might have listened to bad music like rap and rbn, nos is the time for you to fill your ind with real music live Heavy metal and such a band as SONG OF LOVE

Remember  listening to bad music like RAP is dangerous for your health and behaviour you are at risk of not discerning real music after you have been listening to bad music for a long time Heavy metal music  As rap is no music but a bunch of machines Listeing to that crap for along time make smillions of people not been able to recognize real music

Imagine eating dv dinners all your life after a few years of that you might come home and say Heavy metal music  ‘Honey can you cook me that pasta you cook so well’ Your honey is not oocking you anything but the microwave is and the manufacturer Heavy metal music


Thus is a machine doing the music or a real musician? Does it make a difference? Heavy metal music If you ar etalking about car repair it doe snot matter much if a mecanic does the work of a machine But here we are talking about very deep musical emotions that have the power to change your life, change your day in a moment and make you feel extremely good

Heavy metal song


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